New Systems Installation

Tired of an inefficient system? Are you ready to upgrade to something new? Energy Unlimited has you covered.

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The advantage of Air Conditioning

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  • Improves skills
  • Gives free time
  • Makes you more active
  • Relieves fatigue

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Things you didn’t know about Ventilation

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Different types of modern Heating Systems

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We create the right climate and temperature for your home

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  • Qualified specialists
  • 5 years warranty
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We provide a full range services for your home

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Additional Services

Our Flexible Pricing Plans

Master call
Diagnosis and analysis of the problem
Electric boiler replacing
Diagnosis and analysis of the problem
Air conditioner cleaning
Diagnosis and analysis of the problem
Fireplace cleaning
Diagnosis and analysis of the problem
Filling with freon
Diagnosis and analysis of the problem
Heating diagnostics
Diagnosis and analysis of the problem
Wifi sensors installing
Diagnosis and analysis of the problem
Ventilation setting
Diagnosis and analysis of the problem

Air Conditioning of Offices and Industry

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Private Houses Served


Air Conditioners Installed


Heating Systems Mounted


Ventilation Systems

Technical Support

Warranty repair and service for 5 years

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  • 01 Request to call of master
  • 02 Date and time assignment
  • 03 Repair and maintenance at your home

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    What our clients say

    I had an issue with my heating the night before a snowstorm, was directed here from my oil company for their emergency.

    Paige Nash

    I needed to replace my old central ac. Energy Unlimited recommended and installed a ductless ac/heat unit. The office was great in.

    Suzanne Dietz

    They recently installed a mini split and everyone was very professional and pleasant to work with. They installed it quickly and I.


    Energy Unlimited has been servicing the old boiler system for three years & warned me it was on it's last legs. "Last.

    Lee Hilliard

    I was out-of-state coordinating a new ductless air conditioning system in my Dad's 1976-construction home. He is a senior with dementia and.

    Bruce Townsend
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