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financing is available for heating and cooling installations - call (860) 643-8334 for more information

Low Rate Financing
For Residential Energy Efficient Heating Equipment Upgrades or Conversions

What Is the Energize CT
Heating Loan Program?

The Energize CT heating loan program is a financing program for residential customers of Eversource or United Illuminating (UI)

The loan program was developed to provide low-interest loans for the conversion or replacement of existing heating systems with new energy-efficient equipment
The program is administered by Capital For Change.

Who May Perform the Work?

Only Capital for Change Registered Energize CT Heating Loan Contractors may perform the work. 

Approved Contractors have been reviewed for financial and ethical stability and are currently authorized to perform work under this financing program.

We are a Capital for Change        
Approved Energize CT Contractor

       Smart-E Loans*
  • Loans Up To $15,000
  • Loan Rates as low as 2.99% APR
  • Finance Up to 90% of the Equipment and Installation (depending on projected energy savings - the greater the savings, the lower the down payment)
  • Minimum Down Payment of 10%
  • Financing Terms From 3 to 10 Years  
  • No Points, Fees or Closing Costs            
  • No Prepayment Penalties
  • Repaid Monthly Through Your Electric Bill  
       *  visit for more loan options

      How Do I Get An EnergyLoan®?

1.  Contact us to set up an appointment and we will provide
     you with an estimate for your qualifying improvement.

2.  When you are ready to finance your new equipment  
     Apply Online or call Capital For Change

Capital For Change will have a quick decision on your
     application and answer any questions you may have.

4.  Call us at 860-643-8334 to let us know that you have 
     submitted your application and we will submit to Capital        For Change the required Contractor Specification          
 and necessary documentation which will        
     verify the proposed equipment to be installed and the      

5.  You will be contacted by Capital For Change either by      
     email or telephone to complete the loan application    


Who Is Eligible?

• Residential rate customers of Eversource or       United Illuminating Company.

• The primary borrower must own the property    
  and be listed on the electric account.

• Applicants must be current on their electric  
  utility bill and have had either:
    ==>  No late payment charges for the most    
            recent six (6) consecutive months or
    ==>  No more than two (2) late payment
            charges for the last twelve (12)    

            consecutive months

   There are no other credit qualifications.

• The loan is repaid monthly through your   
  electric bill.  If the property is sold, the unpaid
  loan may be paid off in full or transferred to
  the new owner if they meet the requirements.


What Improvements Qualify?

Equipment to be installed must meet ENERGY STAR® or higher ratings for boilers, furnaces and electric heat pumps.

Visit the CTEnergyLoan website for a list of the makes and models that qualify.

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