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      Air Conditioning 

Annual Tune-Ups *  Repairs   

Greater efficiency equals greater savings.  Maximize your existing unit with an annual tune-up.

Annual Tune-Ups - An annual cleaning and inspection of your central air conditioning system is recommended for maximum cooling and energy efficiency.

Maintenance and Repairs
- We
provide maintenance and repairs for most brands of existing systems.

24-hour emergency repair service

             CALL  (860) 643-8334

Energy Unlimited can replace/install a central air conditioning system for your home.
No Room for Ductwork? No Problem!
Ask us how ductless air conditioning systems can provide the same comfort as conventional duct systems.

       Air Conditioning
       Duct & Ductless  

      Free Estimate - Call (860) 643-8334

We will install energy efficient products that work hard to save you money on your cooling bills. We will recommend the right sized system for your house to maximize those savings and meet your comfort needs.

Standard Duct Systems - We recommend Trane products because of their high quality construction, reliability and efficiency

Ductless Systems - For homes lacking duct work, we can install high efficiency ductless systems from manufacturers such as Trane and Daikin. These systems provide optimum performance and room comfort wherever they are installed.
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